EcoEngineers Indexing Services LLC

EcoEngineers Indexing Services was formed to meet market demand for a reliable, transparent and timely RIN index for various RIN vintages. Our RIN indices will enable the market to hedge products as required, create forward price certainty and offer a mechanism to enter and exit the market without being concerned about holding the physical RIN itself.

EcoEngineers is an independent engineering/software firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. EcoEngineers provides a broad range of services in the renewable fuel sector including plant design review, RIN management solutions, third-party RIN verifications, on-site audits and regulatory consulting under national and international renewable fuel standards. EcoEngineers' RIN Quality Assurance Program provides data verification and transparency to RIN markets.Our cost-effective web-based solutions take the burden of compliance away from renewable fuel producers leaving them free to concentrate on fuel production and sales. Third-party data verification and distribution is one of our core value propositions and we have expanded it to include pricing data. The indexing services provided by us will be the most comprehensive provided in the industry.

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